About Brickworks Cares

Brickworks Cares. It's evident in everything we do. From the warm and inviting environment we've created for clients and visitors to the many charitable initiatives we've spearheaded, we're always coming up with creative ideas to show just how much Brickworks Cares.

This site is a special place. It's a dedicated environment in which you - our clients, suppliers, friends, family, and the community at large - can learn more about the charitable causes we support. Here you'll discover how to get involved. Here you'll find a way to show just how much you care, too.

Having been in business for over 90 years, Brickworks is a marketing company with a rich history. We've been on the front line of our rapidly changing communications field, delving into digital technology and emerging media long before most realized just how much the field was changing. We've grown, we've adapted, we've evolved and we've changed.

And now, we're ready to take the same passion we apply to everything we do - from strategy to advertising, public relations to social media - and use it to change lives.

We promise to make a difference. And we promise to do it a little differently. After all, Brickworks Cares in the most creative ways.

Past Initiatives

Learn more about the charitable causes we've successfully supported since launching Brickworks Cares in November 2014. With the help of our clients, suppliers, friends and families, we've made a difference to those who need it most.

It all started with one wild ride. Click on the Chopper 4 Change logo below to find out where that took us!